about the writer

Shirley Carnegie

Hello. I'm Shirley Carnegie and I'm the eulogy writer.

You're probably visiting my website because you've just lost a close friend or loved one. You may have been asked, or have offered, to present the eulogy on behalf of family and friends. I'm also sure that you're determined to provide a loving, memorable and fitting tribute to the person you've lost.

You may know exactly what you want to say about the deceased, but simply don't know how to put it into words. If this is the case, please don't worry. I can help.

There are many websites that give you tips on how to write a eulogy, but I will write it for you using your own thoughts, feelings and memories.

If you feel anxious about standing up and presenting the eulogy, I can email you a pre-recorded MP3 file so that you can hear how it should be delivered.

I've been a professional writer, trainer and public speaker for more than twenty years. I'm a qualified journalist and published author. Click here to see my three novels. My creative pursuits also include writing poetry, which can be viewed on YouTube and digital art, which is displayed on my gallery at shirleycarnegieart.

I hope my skills and my services as a professional eulogy writer will go some way to helping you through this sad and difficult time. Please feel free to email or call me to talk about your requirements. I'm here to help.